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Here's what I want to do...

When an email with a known subject, or from a known source, is viewed I want a button that will:

  • Add data from the email (could just regex parse) to a new row in the Google Spreadsheet
  • Send a reply to an email address within the original message's body, using a template ('Canned response'), filling in variables on the template from data in the original email AND prompting me for some values

If the add-in to implement this doesn't exist, is it possible using the GMail widgets or some other development kit?

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I don't think such widget exists in Gmail. You may have better luck making it yourself. See this link for more info

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Thanks. According to the Adwords keyword tool there are quite a few searches for this type of thing. I wonder if integrating GMail with GDocs in this way ("GMail rules on steroids") would be an interesting project/product. – Dan Gravell Dec 9 '11 at 10:43

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