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Everytime I add someone in Trello they are able to create an account but they never receive the verification email. HELP! A team of just me isn't a team. I will have to give up on Trello if I can't add other members and have them finish their registration.What is going on?

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If someone hasn't gotten their confirmation email, they can cause another one to be sent by visiting


The emails that Trello sends generally go out within a few seconds of being generated, so if you aren't getting an email almost immediately, something has probably gone wrong. (There have been some reports of Trello confirmation emails being flagged as spam, so it's a good idea to check your spam folder)

If you still aren't getting the validation emails, and resending them isn't helping, then email support@trello.com from the email address that is associated with your Trello account, and they can manually send you the validation link.

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