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OFX is an API standard used to send banking data directly to your personal finance manager (such as Quicken).

Is there any bank in Poland that offers OFX interface besides a typical web-2.0 HTML-based one?

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Try Raiffeisen Bank.

I'm using Raiffeisen in Austria and the online banking system there lets me download statements in a variety of formats, including OFX. Perhaps they use the same or similar online banking in Poland?

I'm assuming you are asking to import your banking data into e.g. Quicken; not asking to upload data into the online bank.

Disclosure: I'm a Raiffeisen employee, but not in Poland. I have no financial gain from this.

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You understand correctly, my goal is to import my banking data into a personal finance program similar to Quicken. –  Tadeusz A. Kadłubowski Apr 14 '11 at 12:09

Not QXF, but BPH has some SOAP API, but only for corporate customers: http://www.bph.pl/pl/klienci_korporacyjni/bankowosc_elektroniczna/bankconnect

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