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I've been starting to make use of Gmail's nested labels, mostly so it's easy to organize my label list that has 100 or more labels in it. But now the label tags are getting really long, making for a cluttered display and often hiding most of the actual subject line. I rarely want to see any of the parent label names in the tag.

So for example, I'm seeing:


when all I want to see is:


Is there any way to hide this in Gmail? An add-on perhaps?

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There is not a native Gmail setting to shorten nested label names, although Gmail will automatically shorten label names if needed:


However, there is a Greasemonkey script that will do exactly what you want:


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This is a good tip, thanks, however Greasemonkey appears to be Firefox only. I'm looking for something like a Gmail plug-in at this point, or at least something I could use in Chrome. – David Korn Oct 15 '12 at 18:48
userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/149052 working like a charm with tampermonkey – Kuncevic Feb 21 at 0:17

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