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In Gmail's new UI, is there a way to prevent the "label list", or whatever you call it, from automatically collapsing whenever I'm not hovering over it with mouse/trackpad? This is what I mean (here shown collapsed):

enter image description here

I find it annoying to have to hover over a quite small area, in this case the "Starred" text, to be able to see & click on my labels and stuff like Sent Mail, Drafts, and All Mail.

I looked around in Settings, but didn't find anything that affects this. (In case this is some kind of bug, I'm using Chrome on a Mac.)

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Hover over the line under Starred. Upon hover, three little dots will appear (see screenshot below). Click on it/them and then drag downwards.

Normal state:                            Hover state:
enter image description here       enter image description here

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Thanks, the solution was closer than I thought! I guess I didn't notice the little dots or expect that part of the UI to be so "desktop-like". – Jonik Dec 14 '11 at 22:15
Thanks for answer, Alex! – bohney Mar 1 '13 at 13:12

This solution will not work if you have the Display mode set to Touch Enabled, which may be the case if you have a touch screen display or a hybrid/convertible machine. Change it to one of the other settings and sanity will be restored.

Touch Enabled Settings

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