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When making an account for Trello, I accidentally spelled my email address wrong and thus never received the confirmation email to activate the account. This means that some poor soul has received a confirmation email that they never registered for, along with my name and password.

I am unable to change the email address because I do not have access to the account until I activate the email. How can I get the email address changed, or even delete the account and start again?

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To be clear, Trello never sends you your password in an email. The account confirmation email only contains the name that you provided. – Daniel LeCheminant Dec 19 '11 at 17:34

If you can't find the bug, are having problems with your account, or are experiencing crashes please email Fog Creek at support@trello.com. If you could include the browser, operating system and any errors, it will help us a bunch.

From their help page.

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