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Until recently, I used to be able to use different custom search engines on my browser to get Youtube results specific to a certain region. To search for results adapted for Americans, I used:


And to search for results adapted for Brazilians, I used:


However, now Youtube is giving me results based on my account/browser settings (or IP) no matter what URL parameter I use. Instead of changing the interface (and results) automatically, it just shows a box with the text "View YouTube in [language in the URL parameter]".

Clicking on this would give me the results I want, but would also change my account language settings, and I would need to change them back again when I use the Brazilian search.

Is there any way to get the old functionality of changing the Youtube region/language with only URL parameters?

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Since I didn't find a way to do that on Youtube anymore, I've created these new generic Google video searches to get localized results:



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Add the gl parameter to target geographical areas and persist the language with persist_hl=1


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Can you please explain why this is an answer. It took me quite a while to realise that you'd added &persist_hl=1 into the queries. So add an explanation of what this parameter is and what it does. – ChrisF Feb 12 '12 at 13:04

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