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Tacking #t=XmYYs to the end of a YouTube link will direct it to start from X:YY into the video, but can I do something similar to have the annotations off when using the link?

More generally, what arguments can I pass the YouTube player after a hash (#)?

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I use the third-party ViewPure site to link to videos without disturbances. Just modify the URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTlO8NYJ12Ehttp://viewpure.com/VTlO8NYJ12E.

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You can't turn off the annotations in the URL but you can in the embed link by adding iv_load_policy=3 to the source code. Source.

For your second question, check out this link.

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iv_load_policy=3 also works on embedded links. For example:

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