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Our company hosts multiple sites, and as such have multiple support emails (ex: support@site1.com, support@site2.com). We're struggling to find a good web service that will help us collect all support requests in a central location and allow us to manage them as a single support team. Below is a short-list of "must-have" capabilities:

  • Create & modify tickets from emails.
  • Auto-replies. site1.com support requests should receive a "Site 1" auto-reply, and site2.com support requests should receive a different "Site 2" auto-reply.
  • Assignable tickets. A single support rep should be able to "own" both Site 1 and Site 2 tickets.
  • Ticket Queue. There should be a view of all unanswered requests, regardless of which site they are for. Likewise, there should be a way to view only tickets for a specific site.

These capabilities are pretty much standard for single-site solutions like ZenDesk. However, once you bring multiple sites into the equation, it's proved difficult to find a solution that would meet our needs.

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I reckon help desk ticketing softwares like https://happyfox.com/ will solve all your requirements

  1. You can manage support queries from multiple site by creating different categories each with their own corresponding forwarding emails.
  2. You can set Smart Rules which allows you to send auto responding emails when you get a support query.
  3. You can assign tickets to corresponding support agents
  4. You can filter and list all unanswered tickets that needs immediate response based on pre set priorities.
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