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I have a form on my web page that includes a postcode. I want to open a new window and display Google Maps with the data from my postcode form. Ideally something like: 

Is this something I can do easily?

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Just like the Google search you can enter it in the URL as a query, worked perfectly for me. It's a location near Southport, right?

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This doesnt work anymore, now you can use – Collins Jan 5 at 21:47

If you're looking to display it as a normal maps page, you'd want to use (Postcode format doesn't matter.)

But if you're looking to use the data from the page, you should be using the Google Maps API. Doing it by requesting a user-end URL could potentially end up with your server getting banned from making requests.

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I wanted to update this one as I taken a look. If you use google map search it actually sends you now to this URL.
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