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I am new to Trello and would have several tasks that I need to do regularly. Is there a way in the due date or check list to do this?

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This doesn't exist yet. It seems like it might be a good candidate for a plugin. It has things in common with Templates and Due Dates v3, but the idea of having cards or checklists appear in a recurring fashion has not really been proposed.

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I had the same issue, and have a work around using Google Calendar and the cloud service Zapier.

I set up all the recurring tasks in google calendar, with the start date when I wanted the card to come into my inbox.

Feel free to use one I created earlier. With Zapier you can create a free account which would suffice.


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Please disclose your affiliation with the above mentioned service, otherwise your answer will be considered spam and treated accordingly. Thanks! – Alex Feb 12 '13 at 10:13

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