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i needed little help on how to go about it. i do not have much knowledge about Google Maps or Bing Maps API's as I am the database guy.

We are building an emergency response system of a city. So for this we are using Neo4J as the database which till now has been very satisfactory.

But now to generate the city map- Is there a way that I can get the details of the city ie basically all streets, landmarks etc etc in any format. Once I have this data, then i can imbed them in the database and proceed.

Basically a way to get the complete details of the city.

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It looks like you need to be using a GIS system. Doesn't the local government have that data? Most cities or counties have the data. They need it for their other services, some will sell it to companies.

You could also ask over at http://gis.stackexchange.com/

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