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My company uses Bugzilla for issue tracking. Part of my responsibilities include handling customer emails for feature requests and issue resolution. If we intend to add/fix something the customer has brought up, I offer to add them to my release notification list so they'll know when it's ready. Currently, this is tracked by adding a "requested by User Name user.email@mail.com" into a Bugzilla comment and adding a line into a spreadsheet that I have. The spreadsheet's columns will eventually automatically compose a mailto: link with info pertinent to the customer so I can easily email folks when we're ready.

The problem I'm having is that we regularly reassign tasks in Bugzilla from one release to another. I don't want to have to update the spreadsheet all the time, nor do I want to risk not notifying an interested customer and potentially losing a sale.

Is there any site that integrates with Bugzilla that will let me link up multiple user requests with a Bugzilla task and then pull a report based on a Bugzilla version number when I'm ready to send the notification? This would really only be used by me, so it does NOT need any interface for the customers themselves.

If this could be performed within Bugzilla, that would be great too, but I can't find a way to make it work. It doesn't look like creating custom objects or custom fields that only show up on a specific type of record is possible, from what I can tell.

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I would add a custom field to each request named Customer requester, or something similar, and populate it with the email address of the requester when there was one. Then before a release, you could run a report to CSV of all of the tickets fixed in that release and select all of the tickets with non-empty Customer requester fields, and use that as input to whatever process you have to generate emails from the current spreadsheet.

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The problem is that we often have more than one person requesting the more popular features. –  Karen Jan 10 '12 at 13:44
Would a Multiple-Selection Box work? This is similar to the CC List on a bug, but with values provided by you. –  dsolimano Jan 10 '12 at 17:14
Unfortunately, there's also not a finite list of people who may send feedback. I'm testing out Podio for this right now. It doesn't hook into Bugzilla but seems to be the only Free-App-That-Does-CRM-Things that will show linked Cases under Contacts that I've entered into the system. –  Karen Jan 10 '12 at 17:52
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