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Suppose I have a few dozen employees that are fairly autonomous. They visit their assigned locations a few times a week and perform various work at those locations.

They log what they do on a form, send the form to me, and move on.

I'd like an app that I can enter those data into, and then give the end customer read-only access to some of the data.

The data might look like this:

Date    Employee  Site   Task
1/1/12  mharen    Acme   2 Blah
                         3 Foos
                         4 Whatevers 

1/1/12  mharen    Acme2  1 Foo

1/2/12  jdoe      Acme3  2 WhatsIts

And I'd like to give someone access to view these on the web. The above table might be like an index that's filterable and sortable. Users could then click on a record to get more detail. I guess this is just slightly more powerful than a spreadsheet.

I have spent hours trying to Google for this but I must not be coming up with the right keywords because I've got nothing :/

(This does not need to be free.)

To clarify the actors here:

Use case 1: me

Enter the services performed by my employees

Use case 2: my customer

View a spiffy report of the stuff I entered (online, at their leisure)

So yes, really just two users. Eventually I'd love to add more functionality and even open it up to my employees directly but none of that is in scope yet!

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Concerning the keywords I'd classify your use case as basically a work log, which for obvious reasons usually runs under the name of time tracking, plus some kind of reporting and/or billing respectively invoicing, and maybe a hint of project management, though the latter is usually aimed at more complex scenarios (a respective app might still cover your needs of course); and all of this online or web based of course.

There are literally hundreds of applications available matching this criteria in one way or another and unfortunately I'm not currently using one I could recommend for your particular use case, i.e. matching the two specific characteristics:

  1. log work without the need to track time as well
    • while this sounds trivial, many apps have a dedicated focus on the time aspect, thus might not even allow to do that or at least get in your way a bit
  2. provide easy and possibly cost effective client access to reporting
    • many apps will allow multiple users, though this usually targets employees, not clients - a decent permission system might cover your needs regardless
    • be aware that most of these apps being priced per user one way or another though

I'd suggest you start with a glance over the Wikipedia Comparison of time tracking software and maybe explore one of those 'best XYZ' lists as well to get a feeling of what current software in this fields has to offer in general, maybe 10 Best Time Tracking Apps You Should Not Miss - the latter is a random one I just googled, but the list contains several apps I looked into already, so it might provide some inspiration. Finally Cashboard seems to be one of the few with a dedicated notion of Client and employee UI (never reviewed this app myself though).

Good luck!

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You want end-customers to be able to see some of the data on the web But I'm guessing that you want them to be able to see their own data only, and not other customers? And that you (or they!) don't want non-customers to see it? This means you need authentication.

And this is what makes it hard: otherwise, it would be easy enough to enter the data to Excel, use the pivot table function to create a filter-able view of the data, and load it to a webpage somewhere. Or since you want a web-app, load the data to Google Docs spreadsheet, use the summarise features there, then publish the spreadsheet.

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Correct--I need some form of authentication. Google Docs can give me that, but a more streamlined application designed for this purpose is preferred. – Michael Haren Jan 11 '12 at 15:04

I use RescueTime . They have free and paid options.

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Can you elaborate as to why this product would solve the problem posed by the OP? What are its key features? Are there any down sides to the product? – codingbadger Jan 16 '12 at 20:08
@user16421 I don't think this will help me. The things I'm trying to track are services in the field--not accomplished via computer. Thanks, though. – Michael Haren Jan 16 '12 at 20:33

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