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What would be a good choice for a site builder for someone who has not done website before, does have strong computer skills (been a programmer for 15 years), but does not want to spend much time having to learn something new. The site I want to build is for a Personal Trainer who wants to show his classes, and sell DVDs he has made (so the site needs to be able to have some kind of paypal ability).

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Check out blogger (need to have Google account to use) or Wordpress. There are various ready made themes available or you can customize the look and feel. This should get you started.

You can easily point your blogger site to a custom domain and there are one-click install and hosting solutions available for Wordpress at very low costs. These are some of the choices available (quite easy and popular) if you want to use an existing solution.

However, as you said you're a programmer (I am not sure what technologies), building a website using Ruby on Rails is pretty easy and straight forward. Lots of resources available to learn and get started. Give it a try.

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WordPress is by far the easiest tool for something like this. You can easily find an e-commerce template to sell DVDs and easily customize your pages.

Let us know how you go and what the site is when you're finished!

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The website is the easy part of this challenge (I'd recommend Blogger, because you can do commercial stuff without having to go for self-hosting - just make sure that he creates a google account just for the website, and doesn't mix it in with his personal site.)

The hard part is the ecommerce: what process does your PT have for selling his DVDs now? How does he know who's paid, what address labels he needs, and whose order was psoted when? Does he have a system that generates invoices and reports for his accountant? How does he handle returns and fault product, etc.

Now he may not need "industrial strength" processes for this (though he should have a plan for what he will do if the site goes viral and orders go through the roof) but selling over the web he will probably need a little more supporting processes than he has now: even if he's sell by PayPal + email now, the very fact of not having email messages any more might make his existing processes break.

So I'd spend some time googling ways that people manage on-line sales processes of physical product. (And maybe try to convince him to move away from DVD as the only distribution mechanism ... )

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