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I have a friend with two businesses at the same physical address.

http://alliancebjjmn.com/ and http://crossfitmn.com/

He used to use the same website for both businesses, but now they are separate. The issue that arose is when you search for "Crossfit" in the Minneapolis area, his jiu-jistsu school shows up the in search results, instead of the crossfit studio, as seen here (item B): http://g.co/maps/8g3au

This seems to be an issue with how google returns results for searches. How can he make sure the crossfit studio shows up when crossfit is searched, and the jiu-jistsu school shows up for jiu-jitsu ?


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  1. Select the arrow next to the place in the listings on the right.

  2. Choose "Report a problem"

  3. Select "Listing contains incorrect information or spam."

  4. Select "Category" from the dropdown and enter relevant information about the miscategorization

The last time I reported a location error it took about a month but it was resolved.

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I did this, so we'll see what happens. I'll wait a couple days and see if anyone else replies, then I'll mark your answer correct. – Jason More Jan 18 '12 at 14:29

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