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A long time ago, I "linked" my Facebook account to my Yahoo mail account.

This resulted in all of my Facebook "friends" being added to my Yahoo contacts list.

Ordinarily, I guess this wouldn't be a problem, except when signing into Yahoo Messenger from my phone, in which case all of these people appear in my "contacts" list - and since I scarcely know most of them - they all appear in the contacts list as "offline", which is something of an irritation.

So, what do I need to do in Yahoo mail to remove all traces of my Facebook acount?

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It is possible to remove the binding to these services at any time.

To disconnect your Google or Facebook account from Yahoo!:

  1. Sign in to the Yahoo! Account Information Page
  2. On the sign in form, click Sign in with Google or Sign in with Facebook
  3. Enter your Google or Facebook login information
  4. Click Manage Other Accounts to Sign-in
  5. Click Remove next to the Google or Facebook icon. A pop-up dialog box will open prompting you to confirm the action
  6. When finished, click Sign-out at the top of the page

From this Yahoo help page.

Deleting the Facebook contacts from Yahoo is the same as for any other contact.

Deleting Facebook contacts is the same as deleting any contact. There are no special measures that must be taken simply because the contact was imported from Facebook.

You can see the contacts of your most recent Facebook import by going to View and selecting View Last Import.

Note: If you have done multiple Facebook imports, you will only be able to see the results of your most recent Facebook contact imports.

From How to delete Facebook contacts.

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