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I found this recipe, but it doesn't work.

I put in either https://plus.google.com/103156295300828440975 or http://plu.sr/feed.php?plusr=103156295300828440975, but I keep getting an error

Trigger field Not a valid feed url, missing feed title
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It isn't working because the http://plu.sr site is down.

Service down! Oh noes!

Try using a different Google+ RSS Feed provider such as http://googleplusrss.nodester.com

You just add you Google+ ID to the end of the URL - like this > http://googleplusrss.nodester.com/103156295300828440975

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Hmm, I saw plu.sr was down, but I assumed for some reason that the original profile URL would work. Thanks. – ripper234 Jan 19 '12 at 9:56

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