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I recently added an older blog to my Google Reader (it doesn't have any posts within the last year). Because of this all posts show as "read". So, if I browse by viewing "all items", all the posts show. But because they are all "read", I can't hide posts from the view by marking them as "read".

Ideally I would like to be able to mark these old items as "unread" and have a shortcut to mark all of the items in this old feed as "unread".

I see that I can tag individual posts in the feed as "unread". And then I can browse the "unread" tag, and remove individual posts from the tag as I like. The big flaw with this, is that I have to manually mark each post as "unread".

How can I hide posts when everything in a feed is marked as "read"?

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Google Reader doesn't allow marking items older than 30 days as unread. Thus, you have only 2 options:

  1. Continue with your manual workaround
  2. Use a 3rd-party client, such as FeedDemon that syncs with Google Reader and may allow for marking old articles as unread.
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How can I hide posts when everything in a feed is marked as "read"?

As shown in the screenshot below, make sure you have "New Items" selected from the drop-down menu, and NOT "All Items". That way, posts that are marked as "read" are hidden from the feed.


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