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I'm trying to migrate from Google Reader to another feed reader but have been unable to find a way to export my subscriptions from Google Reader so that the stars are also exported and can be imported to the new reader. (This question is different from Is there a way to export starred items from Google Reader? I'm not trying to export the starred items themselves, say as HTML or PDF. I'm trying to import the starred property for items into another reader.)

Here is a specific example from among the things I've tried: RSSOwl has a Sync with Google Reader feature that does exactly what I've described (i.e., imports your Google Reader subscriptions together with the starred property of items as Sticky News) as long as the sync is maintained. As soon as the sync is is broken (i.e., as soon as I remove my Google Account user name and password from RSSOwl) RSSOwl starts asking for the Google login info and it seems that you cannot get it to work independently of your Google Reader account once you've started the sync. I've asked two questions about this on the RSSOwl SourceForge forum but have not received any helpful answers.

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