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At the moment Google Code displays my username as a not-very-well-obscured version of my email address. This setting can be changed at https://code.google.com/hosting/settings - it can be switched to show my full email address, or my "Google Account username". By default this username is the prefix to my email address. I want to change this to something else.

If I look at https://accounts.google.com/ManageAccount I see an option to edit personal info without creating a profile. The "Edit personal information" page includes an optional nickname field. When I change the nickname, it does not change the username value in Google Code.

I do not want to create a public profile for my Google Account. Can I change the Google Code username value?

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Looks like it's not possible but is being worked on

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I am NEXT to positive this is correct! I have tried before but I am quite sure this IS correct – mjrider Feb 6 '12 at 16:57
thanks for the reference, even though it's not the answer I would like :) reading through the comments I would disagree that it is being worked on though :D – d3vid Feb 7 '12 at 7:13

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