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I like having music available anywhere I go. I also like to freestyle. I'm looking for a web-app that has a good selection of rap beats. Really I want something that has a shuffle mechanism, where it will play a random one.

On Pandora, the best I could find were hip hop instrumentals, and the selection was very limited. I need it to be free. I don't mind making an account and having to log in to use it, but not registering is better for me. I'm running out of search queries to find something like this.

Where can I find such a service?

If you've used the service before, please summarize your experience. Advertisements and limits are factors I'd like to know up front.


P.s., if this belongs somewhere else I can copy-paste it there and delete this question. Let me know.

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Have you tried SoundCloud? Here is a group called "Hip Hop Beats", that contains more than 7500 tracks.

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Thanks! SoundCloud has some great stuff (from what I've seen so far). – FakeRainBrigand Feb 3 '12 at 22:08

Try Hip hop insturmentals on Pandora. Just search hip hop instrumentals and go all the way to the bottom and it will be there.

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