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I recently heard from my friend that Gmail is showing that I have activated 2-set verification in their Gmail account, like a promotion or something.

  • Is Gmail doing this?
  • Is it possible that Gmail would do something like that?

I will give an example: I am and I have activated 2-step verification. I have as one of my contacts.

Would Gmail show in account that has activated 2-step verification?


  1. is also in's contact list;
  2. is not in's contact list.
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do you mean Multifactor authentication? – mjrider Feb 6 '12 at 17:00

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You can check to see if you have it activated by logging in to the dashboard and going to Account - manage account - security - 2 step verification and see if it is on or off

As you agree to their privacy policy it is entirely feasible that they would use that information about you to promote one of their products to a contact of yours, or someone that has you listed as a contact. Remember, they are in the business of selling.

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Google have introduced a second layer of security to avoid people hi-jacking your account. See their BLOG for detailed explanation. As far as I know it is only turned on when you ask for it.

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Would gmail show in account, that has activated 2-step verification? Provided :

No. Only accounts which you use & are authorized to check are shown if Two-factor auth is enabled or not.

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I use multifactor authentication with multiple Google accounts currently. To my understanding, ONLY if:

  • has's password will be able to see the second page with the mulitfactor auth prompt
  • tells that he isusing Multifactor Auth

Will be able to tell is using Multifactor authentication.

I just remembered one more way that would beable to know if is using multifactor auth: If is a Google Apps administrator for, will be able to know wether is enabled to let users to enable multifactor on accounts under

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