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A friend of mine fell victim to a mailbox hijacker the other day, and Gmail helped her recover the inbox (via whatever method they do so, I was not present for that). I showed her how to recover her contacts (that has a handy recovery menu option) but she's missing data for about a week of email. It's not "hidden" in a filter, it's not "in the deleted bin".

Is there any way to get all of that emails back?

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Once messages have been deleted by clicking Delete Forever it is not possible to retrieve the messages via the the Gmail interface.

In cases where an account has been compromised, you can file a report to Google and request that they investigate whether recovery is possible.

Recovering deleted Gmail messages for compromised accounts

Source: Google Help article

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Oh wow, I missed that somehow (not very hard to do) so let me make sure she's aware of that. Thanks! – jcolebrand Feb 9 '12 at 14:51

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