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Since the birth of my daughter I have been looking for the most optimum way of sharing events and photos in her life with my family. But I am struggling to finding a blog tool that fulfils all my requirements.

Currently I am using a mixture of email, Dropbox, Picasa and Facebook, plus the odd post on Twitter, Flickr and Google+. This is however a mess for family to keep up with, and I would like a chronological order of all posts about her, like a baby photo album of old.

My requirements are:

  • All or most posts & photos are private not public
  • Can upload a lot of photos
  • Can post the odd status (eg first tooth, steps, weight etc)
  • Will be around for quite a while.

My deductions so far:

Google+ has nice features. The Circles is a great way of restricting access. The Picasa integration for photos is excellent. However Google plus is a non starter as you cannot create an account for a minor, I don't think you can create multiple accounts, and I do not want to mix my own unrelated posts with hers.

Facebook is an alternative. The new timeline does browse nicely. But probably not allowed to create an account for 0 year old...

Picasa is a great online photo album for bulk private photos. But photos & videos only. I used to run my own Coppermine, but prefer a hosted service. Again photos only. Same for Dropbox.

A private Blogger blog is possibly a solution. Not sure how it does it with loads of photos per post. But will google kill it soon and merge it with google+?

The problem with Google+ & Facebook etc is to convince my relatives to create accounts. My mum is very anti FB etc... Sending a direct private link is usually the easier solution.

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Have you considered a Posterous private space?

From http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2011/09/12/posterous-is-now-spaces-a-photo-focused-app-for-private-sharing/ :

The feature that will make Posterous Spaces easy to connect with non-technical friends or family members is email. When a Posterous user shares photos with family members who are not registered on Posterous, those family members will still receive the photos via email [...] Unlike photo apps such as the popular Instagram app, with Posterous you can post multiple photos in one post, and you can create private groups.

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Having a look at Posterous now. Seems good. – flurdy Feb 10 '12 at 19:23

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