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I enjoy the majority of the music that Pandora plays for me. However, I highly prefer studio versions over Glee covers or KCRW live performances.

I'd like to make it clear to Pandora that I am not interested in live performances and covers of the songs that I enjoy, but oftentimes those songs will come up as the live performances or covers before the original shows up. I fear that giving the non-studio version a thumbs down will reduce my chances of later hearing the studio version.

Does Pandora have a way of saying "I dislike live performances" or "I dislike cover bands"?

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If you vote them down often enough, Pandora will get the hang of it. Pandora works by finding similarities in the traits of what you like or dislike. It won't be long before pandora figures out that what your dislikes have mostly in common is that they are live.. And before long, you will hear less of them.

Just to be sure, you could like the non-live versions and dislike the live versions.

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