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I've used Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) in Safari for some time now to filter out stuff I don't want to see, but I'd really like to block all self posts. I've tried going through the options, but nothing jumps out at me as a way to block them.

Is there a way to do it with RES? Or is there another extension for Safari that'll do it?

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I was able to do this using Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) in Chrome* by adding "self" as a "domain" filter.

domain filter option

*Also works for Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers

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Please give some more info. This is using Reddit Enhancement Suite, and is not a core feature. I suggest giving some more information about this if you want it to be a suitable answer. – Fogest Dec 2 '13 at 14:53
Thanks sable for adding some more information. I will make a quick edit to it and it looks good! I have removed my downvote and have upvoted this now! Thanks! – Fogest Dec 2 '13 at 21:27

I do not believe that RES has such a function nor have I stumbled upon such an extension/app. I would suggest making a feature request in RES's subreddit which the authors actively read and check up on.


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