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I just signed up to threadsy. But I'm not quite sure if it auto-refreshes to look for new emails, tweets or facebook status updates. i told my sister to send me a message so I can check if it does work, and continued reading my feeds on google reader, just like I normally do. After 2 minutes, threadsy still didn't know I had a new email. Then I clicked on the tab where i had threadsy open, and went back to greader right away. Then, seconds later, it told me i had a new email. Is it because it auto-refreshes after more than 2 minutes, opr because I actually went on the site and then it checked?

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From their help file:

how frequently does threadsy check for new messages?

threadsy checks frequently when you're signed in and less frequently when you're not. you can also do a manual refresh by clicking on the 'inbound' link.

I also read on the 'net that there's a built in 10 minute cache.

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The refresh rate is much higher than 10 minutes. I've been a long time user and I can send myself e-mails and see them easily within 5 minutes. The "Streams" refresh rate seems event faster, to keep up with the Twitter/Facebook activity. Oddly enough they still don't have an "offical" rate mentioned anywhere in their FAQ or GetSatisfaction page, but maybe that is just a "mystery" they leave out there. 8^D

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