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Often in the weekends or at night, I will login to Trello to look at what tasks I have left and what I need to do or research over the weekends. However, I don't want to let my boss know that I'm online, looking at the Trello board.

Is there a way to have some privacy and surf Trello appearing offline to everyone?

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I'm not going to post it as an answer because I'm not certain its true, but if you use the iPhone app it might not make you appear active. – Michael Pryor Feb 18 '12 at 23:31
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Please email us at feature-ideas@trello.com about this if this is important to you. When it reaches a certain level of traffic, we'll add it to the development board at http://trello.com/dev

The answer right now is that you can't control how you appear online.

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