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I'm just starting to use Trello to manage my work to do lists and I'm looking at the possiblility of using it to manage a team task we have to perform. As this task involves scheduling a meeting with other members of our organisation, it'd be great if there were a way to have the Trello task linked with the Outlook calendar, so that task appears as an appointment in the calendar. Is it possible?

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So far no this is a requested feature, you can vote up:


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Just in case anyone is still looking at this, as it ranks high on Google still. I've been making an Outlook Add-on to do just this: http://www.tailormadesolutions.com.au/trello-outlook-calendar-addon/

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Well, apparently Trello has an iCalendar Feed and Outlook can subscribe to these feeds, so you probably just need to mix these two features.

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Maybe you can try this easy solution that adds the Trello calendar to Outlook:


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