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I created a card with several checklists in it.

As the number of lists increased, I wanted to spin off some of them. I can convert one of the items in the checklist into a separate card, but I cannot convert the whole checklist into another card.

How can I achieve that?

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The title of your question doesn't really seem to match the text. Do you want to make just the title into a new card, or do you want the checklist copied into another card? –  Rich Armstrong Feb 22 '12 at 18:51
@RichArmstrong: you are right. It is not clear. I want to covert the whole checklist into a new card. –  Peretz Feb 22 '12 at 23:53

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Sorry, this is not possible. Though, we are working on copyable checklists, so you'd likely be able to copy the list to a new card.

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You can select all the text of the checklist items, starting over the checklist to avoid the drag and drop area. Then, insert the text into a new card. Push enter on the keyboard, Trello will ask you to make single cards out of every line, say yes, then archive every second card with the c key. Voila.

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