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Possible Duplicate:
How to implement a white-list-based system in Gmail?

Is there a way to tell Gmail "Only allow into my inbox emails from the following email addresses. Send the rest to the trash bin."? I know how to blacklist specific email addresses by making a rule such as "If the sender is from a specific email address, send it to the trash" but I can't make a rule for every email in existence except the ones I want to let through.

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You can use the - operator. For ex. you can create a filter that says move all emails from:(-@abc.com) to trash. This will move all emails that are not from @abc.com domain to trash.

Gmail Filter

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I don't believe this is possible as Google doesn't apply their filters in a certain order or have a built in option for this type of setup. That said I'm pretty happy with gmails junk filters...

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Gmail has a spam filter...

  • Follow the Settings link in Gmail
  • Go to Filters
  • Create a new filter
  • Type the email addr under From:
  • Type just the domain name to whitelist the entire domain
  • Click next step
  • Make sure the Never send it to Spam is checked
  • Click Create Filter
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