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I tried creating a troubleshooting tree in Google Forms but appear to be unable to embed either pictures or links.

I wanted to create a tree wherein users get directed to different nodes with further suggestions and questions depending on their earlier answers, similar to (but hopefully more useful than) the Microsoft Windows troubleshooter. If they are unable to resolve the problem themselves, I would like to receive an email or for a ticket or spreadsheet row to be created with the answers they provided.

I am the volunteer webmaster for a co-op preschool and receive many similar support requests, such as parents being unable to see the calendar for their child's class. I created detailed guides that I can't get people to read. Instead, everyone just emails me without giving me any of the details I need to solve the problem.

If this isn't possible to do in Google Forms, I'm open to other tools or services which can create tickets/emails as outlined above.

Other posts such as building a support section to a website and small business online support apps are too bulky, and would prefer a lighter-weight solution if it's a no go in Google Forms.

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Voted to close on the basis of a recommendation question. However, if you're up for it, would like to make an example of how this question can be better asked by editing to focus on how to make it work in Google Forms, and a line at the end saying you're open to using other apps if they can finish the job. –  Eight Days of Malaise Feb 24 '12 at 23:23
@eig, thanks for the feedback. I'm new to webapps and it wasn't clear to me this type of question wasn't allowed (based on the previous questions I cite, for example). Do you know if it would be appropriate in the webmaster site? –  espertus Feb 24 '12 at 23:55
Not really as that form would be like a shopping question, which are off topic across the network. It would be better if you were trying to do this in Google Forms and just need that extra push. –  Eight Days of Malaise Feb 25 '12 at 1:27
@eig, the previous questions I cite were asking for recommendations? Should those also have been closed, or have the rules been changed? I'm not arguing, just trying to understand. Thanks. –  espertus Feb 26 '12 at 2:49
Edited it to be more of what is constructive. Options first on doing this in Google Forms, failing that, opening it up to suggestions –  Eight Days of Malaise Feb 26 '12 at 23:01

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Take a look at the new Google Apps Scripts features, especially HtmlService - with a little programming, you can create a form that should fit your needs, and have the results posted to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

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