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my gmail address is acting really strangely, it doesn't receive emails from certain email addresses, even though some emails get through. I've checked filters, SPAM, all folders - no problem there. It really seems to be problem on Google's side. But there is no way how to tell Google about this problem and maybe receive some reply about this.

Is there some special webform or address where I can report problems and get real answers ?

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As you can see on this page (note : this is the first result while searching on Google), you can contact them via the Google forum.

The google team is actually reading this forum and will interfere if needed within your account. They will contact you more deeply if needed.

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Note: this link is now showing no content. –  OnenOnlyWalter Jan 8 '13 at 22:55
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Gmail has now been integrated (and has been for some time) into the Google Feedback tool.

To get to this tool, go into your Gmail inbox, and click on the Gear (Settings).

Select "Send Feedback" and the Feedback tool will allow you to describe your problem and highlight/censor certain parts of a screenshot.

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