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I'm looking for something very simple.

  1. Create a private group called 'Dev Team'.
  2. Surf the web and find something cool.
  3. In the browser click a bookmarklet (or extension button) causing an input box to pop with the 'comment' section active and ready to accept text.
  4. Write a quick, optional, comment and click Share.
  5. The bookmark, along with the comment, is saved to the private group.

The key is friction-free input. What seems impossible to find is a service that allows predefined 'Post to group' bookmarklets.

Sharing to a Facebook group is an example of full-friction. You click the bookmarklet, adjust the 'Share' dropdown to 'Share to a group', select the 'Type group name here' box, type the group name, select the 'Write something...' field, type your comment, click Share.

When there's too much friction people are far less likely to participate.

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I've just started using the new Delicious website & it may be a solution for most of your needs. Delicious provides a bookmarklet & allows you to add annotations for bookmarks.

Your group may have to use a single account. Your group members can all access the site with the same account credentials or subscribe to the private RSS feed of bookmarked annotated links to keep track.

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