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How can I add some links on a tumblr page? For example, on http://makeclocks.tumblr.com/ I'd like to add some links at red box area:

         enter image description here

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Each theme is different, but here's how I would of updated it on my tumblr. Knowing more about your theme's HTML would give a better answer.

Go to http://www.tumblr.com/customize/<yourBlogName> and click Edit HTML.

Within that page look for About within an <h4> tag. Mine looks like this before:

<div id="description">{Description}</div>

And After I added a Links section (you can name it whatever you want)

<div id="description">{Description}</div>

<div id="description">link text here</div>

I used div id="description" because I wanted the css properties of the description div without having to edit my css.

Here's a screenshot of the before preview:

enter image description here

Here's a screenshot of the after I put that code in preview:

enter image description here

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