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It's my first question, so sorry if something is not right.
Please, suggest sites or programs that allow the user to save a web page. It does not matter on the Internet or on user's computer, or it is not the main feature.

I know about:

  • A function inside browsers,
  • Web Archive
  • peeep.us
  • instapaper.com

What else?

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Two additions to the existing answers: - bo.lt is a GREAT service that's like peeep.us. (although I'd use peeep as the first reliable site for saving pages online, bo.lt has had troubles and some downtimes and they also may not stand the test of time like peeep has.) It's mostly intended as a pinterest-like service but you can set saved pages to private and also save login-only pages like you can with peeep. It has a GREAT page edit feature too. - Then another discovery I made recently, is pastehtml.com. Not quite as feature-packed as peeep or bo.lt but it's still very useful to know about. – user23222 Mar 17 '13 at 20:45

Pinboard is one of the best, because it archives the page source + the dependencies, but it’s not free.

Pinboard is a bookmarking site and personal archive with an emphasis on speed over socializing.

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Evernote has clipping tools available for many browsers. Evernote saves your notes or clippings locally as well as synchronizing with their central servers. You can access your notes from any computer or smart phone. Evernote's basic service is free. If you pay for it, you gain access to encryption and other "premium" services.

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Personaly, I use read it later and all the ecosystem of extensions and plugins.

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If you are a Firefox user, Scrapbook is the best addon for saving web pages.

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