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One of our programmers decided to leave us. We took him off the group, but his board that he is the only admin of is still hanging around. How do I remove it?

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Hmmm. It would appear that organization admins cannot remove boards from their org if they are not an admin of that particular board.

This would seem to be an oversight. You can contact us directly at support@trello.com to get this resolved in the meantime, but we need to make it so organization admins can remove boards regardless of their admin capability on those boards.

Also, the Trello API allows you to remove a board from within your organization, even if you're not an admin of that board. Until we get this added to the Trello site, here's a workaround for removing the board.

NOTE: You must be an org admin to perform this task.

  1. Open up Google Chrome.
  2. Log in and navigate to your organization's page in Trello.
  3. Open the Chrome developer Console (Ctrl+Shift+J on Windows).
  4. Paste in the following code and press enter:

    $(".board-list li").each(function(){ var $=jQuery; var li = this; var idBoard = /[^/]*$/.exec($(this).find("a").attr("href"))[0]; $("<div>").text("Remove From Org").appendTo(this).click(function(){ $.ajax({ type: "put", url: "/1/boards/" + idBoard + "/idOrganization", data: { value: "", token: $.cookie("token") }, success: function(){ $(li).remove(); } }); }); })
  5. There will now be a bit of text that says "Remove From Org" below each board. If you click on that text, it will remove the board from your org. Careful! Once you remove it, you cannot get it back unless someone within your organization is an admin of that board.

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