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Possible Duplicate:
Does Facebook provide an SSL interface?

I've googled and searched on our site here, but the best I can find is the question How to get Facebook to use “http://” instead of “https://”, though in a reversed meaning to mine.

I want to always browse Facebook with the HTTPS protocol. In Facebook, I see there's a setting related to this—I want a reversed feature, that is, always HTTPS, not HTTP.

Is it possible?

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If you use this https://ssl.facebook.com/ link, it will land on https://www.facebook.com but all links from this site will redirect you back to non-SSL.

To enable permanently,

Click on Home --> Account Settings --> Account Security and check the HTTPS box.
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Other than Siva's correct answer via Facebook settings, you can optionally force HTTPS on a variety of sites with an additional browser plugin, HTTPS Everywhere.

I do recommend disabling HTTPS Everywhere for Google search services. It tends to have a glitch with the new way Google presents search results without clicking on the search button.

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