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The purpose is to save a link in a tweet for later reading, but I'd like to save some context with the link.

I've tried many apps and all of them parse for a link in the tweet and save the link as a read-it-later item. I would like to save the link to the tweet itself, or the text of the tweet along with the link in the tweet.

I am using the official twitter android app.

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Which apps have you tried? –  Al E. Mar 6 '13 at 18:58

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I'm not sure if it's possible with Twitter for Android or not. But if that app has an option to share a tweet, then you can use Evernote.
I use Twicca as twitter client and also have Evernote installed. Now if I select a tweet and press the Share the tweet button, I can choose Evernote and create a note with it and can put any amount of context I want, along with the content of the tweet. It is a possible solution. Try it.

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I just tested. Sharing a Tweet to an Evernote note works as the OP asked: It contains the Tweet. It doesn't parse the link and save what it finds there. –  Al E. Mar 6 '13 at 19:08

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