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How can I get a summary of who is posting the most entries with a given hashtag on Google+? For example, how can I know who has posted the most in Google+ with the hashtag #AngryBirds?

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I suppose not much more happened recently here that I still don't get a positive result from this answer. – 719016 Jun 1 '12 at 13:29

It is very unlikely you will find that out.

  • It would require monitoring all G+ user posts from 3rd party site, which would be very inaccurate due to permissions (circles), not to mention disliked by Google.

  • If someone got the permission from #angry birds to track notifications and made the 3rd party server/site, mostly no one would bother to do this.

  • Downloading scripts could work (if those existed) but it would only make a list from people you circled (and other way around).

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I'm afraid, but I don't think that's possible as of now.

But do have a look at this blog post which talks about measuring the audience size for a particular hashtag (not who uses it particularly).


It's written keeping in mind twitter hashtags, but the scripts given there might be useful if you want to build your own for Google+.

Hope that helps!

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