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I'm trying to fix my diet by eating healthy and eating about the number of calories a day that I should be. Is there a web app out there that's easy to use for calorie counting? The simpler, the better - especially if it has an estimate for how many calories is in particular foods.

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Check out http://dailyburn.com/. It is a great and free webapp that lets you track calories and anything food or exercise related.

There is an app for the iPhone that even lets you scan the UPC codes on food products. It also lets you search. So you can do things like banana or McDonalds Big Mac and you can just click, +1 to mean you ate 1 of those or however many you ate. It might have an app for Android but I don't know.

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+1 No official Android app. I use BurnBot and Libra Android apps, both use the daily burn API –  Dan Midwood Jul 9 '10 at 21:54

Slightly different approach than calories counting, but very appealing to techies: http://fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/online/hdo.html

There is also free on-line book 'The Hacker's Diet' explaining how the system works - see http://fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/

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sparkpeople.com is my absolute favorite - it lets you track fitness too, so you can get an accurate measure of how many calories you burned as well.

Also http://caloriecount.about.com/ used to be pretty good... but I haven't used it in years.

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I'm partial to FitDay, though it sounds similar to the already mentioned sites.

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I use fitday, but I abhor the interface. they changed how you enter custom foods, and now you can't say how much a serving is (ie slice, portion, bowl, etc). –  Nathan DeWitt Oct 3 '10 at 20:21

There is a free Australian based calorie counter at: http://www.calorieking.com.au/

It is good for Australian users as it has Australian-specific numbers for quantity sizes and food.

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Although Fitbit is primarily paired with a hardware device, the Fitbit Tracker (a pedometer)...

... however their Fitbit Dashboard is free to sign up for and there is no requirement for the device.

The Fitbit Dashboard gives you the ability to track and log your food, activity and weight.

To sign up go to http://www.fitbit.com/ and check out the Sign Up link in the top right.

Edit: also has a large catalog of foods, perhaps mainly focused on the US, but you can always add your own. You can check out a few here: fitbit.com/foods/categories

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