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I have setup a document with page numbers within the footnote. Now I want to hide the number for the first page as it is the document's cover sheet.

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i don't think so it's possible –  aWebDeveloper Mar 27 '12 at 9:35

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This has been a feature request for a very long time. This functionality is not currently available.

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Create a white box using the Drawing feature. Place it over the number. That is what I had to do. Unless you want the number on the next page to be 1. :)

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As per Izzy's response, if you make two files: one with the title page/pages where you don't want page numbers and the rest where you do want page numbers, separately, then you could export as a PDF and merge both(there are thousands of services online, for no good reason I use http://foxyutils.com/mergepdf/). This would make page number 1 in the second document, of course, but maybe that's what you want? I know this is a longer way but if you don't have MS Word or Libreoffice(Also, sorry, I know this would better be suited as a comment but I haven't got 50 reputation yet)

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Save the document as a Microsoft Word Document. Make the change there. Word allows you to do this. = )

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It's a workaround for people who have Word or Open Office installed. I was looking more for a solution that works from within the browser. –  k0pernikus Jul 15 '13 at 20:21

The best solution is to separate the content in two files. That's how I made it.

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How do you keep page numbering correct? –  Vidar S. Ramdal Jan 13 at 9:13

Print page one without any header. Then insert header with page numbers and print pages 2 through ... Staple and submit.

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