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From what I understand, the Tumblr buttons at the top right of any Tumblr site are auto-inserted via iFrame. This means I cannot directly delete these buttons by editing the HTML. But I want them gone. I don't want my website to be an advertisement for the blogging platform.

How can I remove the "Follow" (or "Unfollow") and "Join Tumblr" (or "Dashboard" + Mail) buttons from my site?

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  1. Go to your blog

  2. Click "Customize" in the upper left

  3. Deselect "Promote Tumblr!"

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wow. that was easy. – samthebrand Apr 2 '12 at 19:35
YES very very helpful!!! Thank you so so so so much! Merry Christmas! – user30809 Dec 23 '12 at 11:39

This procedure has changed slightly since this was answered:

  1. In Tumblr Dashboard, click on the AccountEdit Appearance
  2. Click on Edit Theme button (same Customize)
  3. Scroll to the button and click Advanced Settings
  4. Uncheck Promote Tumblr!
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