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If anybody goes to http://www.facebook.com/questions he/she will be able to view all questions answered by him/her and all his/her friends.

I need to find all the questions that were asked by a Facebook page. Is the there any way to do that?

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  1. Make sure you're using Facebook as the page (click the down-pointing triangle in the top right-hand corner & select the page).
  2. Scroll down to the page's publisher.
  3. Select Ask Question - voilà!

Update for Timeline.

Pages that have Timeline enable (as of March-April 2012 - all pages) require a bit more work. Scroll down to the publisher, click on Event, Milestone+, and then select Question.

enter image description here

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You just go to "Activity Log" on your facebook page, and than choose tab "question" and there you will see all the question that you asked. It is simple as that :)

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If you spice it up with some screenshots, i'll upvote it !! – Jacob Jan Tuinstra May 13 '13 at 12:29

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