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In Excel you can right-click drag a date downwards to fill a column with the next dates in the sequence. For example if you enter 9/1/2014, select that cell, then right-click drag down over the cells below, Excel will fill those cells with 10/1/2014, 11/1/2014, etc for you. This doesn't work with a single cell selection in Google Sheets - how can I get this to work?

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The key is to enter at least the first two values to get auto fill to work with a pattern

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Although the question here came first, really the best answer to this question is on a dupe: webapps.stackexchange.com/a/30688/30971 This answer is pretty poor - no step-by-step, deferring to a page at support.google, which Google is famous for randomly deleting with no redirect. – Chris Moschini Apr 21 '15 at 16:57

The mistake is that you don't select both first and second sell (click and hover over both). When both are selected (both are highlighted), then drag the blue dot of the lower cell (like in Excel).

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As it was already pointed out in other answers, you have to select at least two cells containing successive dates.

However, this didn't work for me at first because my Google Sheet had the wrong locale and the cells had the wrong formatting.

Set the locale for your Google Sheet:

  1. File menu → Spreadsheet settings... → Set the correct locale

Configure the right date format for the cells:

  1. Select all the cells or the column that should contain the dates
  2. Format menu → Numbers → Date (if the desired date format is already available there. If not, go deeper into the menu with the next steps)
  3. → More formats → More date and time formats...
  4. Either pick a pre-defined date format from the list or configure your own enter image description here

Now fill in the column with the successive dates:

This was already explained in other answers, but for completeness sake I explain it here again.

  1. Manually write two successive dates into two cells
  2. Select both cells (click the first, then shift-click the second).
  3. On bottom right corner of the blue selection rectangle you'll see a little square. Drag that square and mark all cells that you want to populate with successive dates

All those cells should now be automatically filled with successive dates.

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