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I am a web developer. What happens is that the Client sends a PSD (Photoshop designs) to the company. Then the designer needs to create a HTML page from the PSDs

What happen every time is that the designer does not create the HTML with same fonts ie the boldness goes away and the font does not look similar as per the PSD means the quality is too degraded.

And the designer can convince my seniors that this is not possible i.e. The same font size, boldness cannot be achieved in the html while conversion

Can you please specify is it really true? or the designer is just fooling the developers.

I am really sorry if this question is not correct is this website

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from my experience some designers simply resizes the text as other objects. so the text may look different because it has no proper dimension (10px,12px..).

So you can set almost nearer size to that text but its your client's call to take it

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