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I remember seeing several sites pass through Hacker News or Reddit whose purpose was to introduce developers and designers. One that I bookmarked was http://collabfinder.com/. The site I am trying to find again is similar but focused on those trying to assemble a new team and provided a way to search/draw upon others with desired skill sets. People were able to post that they were looking for projects to work on (free or paid) or to post an idea and invite collaborators with certain skills. Can someone help me find that website? I cant remember the name for the life of me.

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I had a quick look around and came across this - http://programmermeetdesigner.com/ - which looks kind of similar.

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Never tried it, maybe it is what you are looking for ?

Former "Rent a Coder" site: http://www.vworker.com/RentACoder/DotNet/SoftwareCoders/HowItWorks.aspx?intTabSelectedId=2

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http://techcofounder.com/ is another site I had bookmarked but still not the one I am looking for. Oh well. They all do the same kind of thing.

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