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My main blog on Tumblr is username.tumblr.com. I follow people, browse the dashboard, and heart posts from that username.

When I post things to a sub-tumblr called subtumblr.tumblr.com, on that tumblr's 'dashboard' thingy - that is, tumblr.com/blog/subtumblr - posts have my username avatar next to them. Posts on my regular dashboard, and subtumblr's followers' dashboards, have the subtumblr avatar next to them, and link to the subtumblr, unless I check this box:

show author portraits

This is on the individual sub-tumblr's settings http://www.tumblr.com/blog/subtumblr/settings or similar.

With that box un-checked, it seems to me that username will not be revealed to anyone browsing subtumblr, either on the dashboard or on subtumblr.tumblr.com. Is this correct? Is there any other area where the name of the parent account might be revealed?

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I typed the word "tumblr" so much it has lost most of its meaning. – hairboat Apr 16 '12 at 18:26
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The only other area where it is possible to be seen is in the rss as dc:creator. If you disabled "Show author portraits", then you should be fine (you wouldn't even see it in the RSS)

Other places you will see it are http://www.tumblr.com/blog/subtumblr (under div class class="avatar_and_i") but not /dashboard.

Of course if you reblog the subtumblr or like it any way that can raise speculation. Especially if the subtumblr doesn't have a lot of followers.

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