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Currently, I have to use a desktop sharing utility (like Adobe ConnectNow) to share my application window that contains my slides. I'm thinking it would be easier to share my slides on Google Docs, but I don't know how to advance the slides for my viewers. When I switch slides locally, my viewers continue to see the 1st slide instead of the slide I'd like to show. Any ideas how to accomplish this?

(I prefer not to use timed slides that automatically advance.)

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This is currently not a Google Docs feature (and not possible) based on online documentation and no better answer. Apparently, this worked at one point in Google Docs, but it required viewers to use Google Talk (and this combination was buggy at the time).

An alternative I went with is PowerPoint 2010, which comes with a feature to broadcast slideshows to users over the Internet.

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Use Google Hangouts video chat and share your screen. For further details see Share your screen during a Hangout - Google Hangouts Help

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